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Try Enano before you install it on your server.

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Welcome to the Enano administration demo.

This demo will let you try out almost all of Enano's behind-the-scenes functionality before you install it on your server. Happy browsing!

Login information:
Username: Admin
Password: demo

(The password is case sensitive; the username is not.)

A quick, polite request: Don't go and root my box. I have stuff on here that helps me to make Enano better like virtual machines for every OS and distro imaginable, backups, old files, you name it. This is essentially my storage server with a quick Apache and PHP set up for your personal enjoyment of this demo. Don't abuse it because if you do, we'll just take it down for good, and that would ruin the fun for everyone.

Latest demo news

11/9/2013: Finally set up comment posting to require CAPTCHAs as my server's load averages were through the roof from the hundreds of spam comments going in.
12/30/2008: As far as I'm aware, all issues with the demo should be fixed. If you find a bug, please report it on the Enano forums.
4/10/2008: I've noticed that logins are beginning to take an excruciatingly long time to init on Bigmomma. Debugging work will begin this evening. This issue seems to only affect Bigmomma. There may be some service interruption during this maintenance, but things will be better once it's done, provided that I can fix it. In the mean time, just wait for the login window to work (it takes from 25 to 95 seconds in my tests), or use the full login form.
2/4/2008: Installed the Enano 1.1.1 demo
12/14/2007: Installed eAccelerator on Bigmomma with aggressive shared-memory settings (more than 10% of BigMomma's physical RAM is now dedicated to PHP and PHP alone). It's so far working wonders - page load times have been cut in half. If anyone experiences any problems with the demo, please contact us.

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